Wall to Wall Group conducts contracting, project and service operations. The business consists of pipe lining, pipe flushing, pipe inspection, maintenance and sealing of ventilation ducts, as well as other supplementary services sold and performed in the same market channels, such as Smart hot water circulation and geothermal solutions for apartment buildings. The largest areas of activity are pipe lining and flushing, where the company is the market leader in the Nordic region. The company’s end customers consist of property owners, mainly commercial managers of housing and non-residential premises, public housing and tenant-owner associations.

The Nordic market for pipe lining and flushing amounts to about SEK 9 billion (2023) and has seen annual growth of about 12 per cent for a considerable period. Sweden is the single largest market, representing just under 60 per cent of the total Nordic market. As the market is fragmented, there are good opportunities to grow both organically and through acquisitions.


Wall to Wall Group’s market position and broad customer base, combined with close customer relationships, create ongoing business opportunities within existing operations, as well as opportunities for new services and products that can complement current offerings. The company exploits these opportunities through both active business development and complementary acquisitions.