Wall to Wall Group includes a number of companies that each have their own history and background, but which all had the ambition to be a good partner to local property owners, providing support for their work with periodic and routine maintenance.

The current group was established in the spring of 2022 through the merger of Spolargruppen Sverige AB and TBD30 AB, and since then has grown further through a number of acquisitions. It is now represented in 20 or so locations around the Nordic region. Since January 2024, the group as a whole is called Wall to Wall Group.

31 August 2019

Spolargruppen is founded

In 2020

Spolargruppen acquires three companies in Sweden

In 2021

Spolargruppen acquires four companies in Sweden

28 April 2022

Merger of Tebede and Spolargruppen, which is listed on the First North Growth Market

In 2022

Spolargruppen acquires eight companies, six in Sweden, one in Norway and one in Denmark

23 October 2023

Tebede is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm main market

In 2023

Spolargruppen acquires five companies, three in Finland, one in Denmark and one in Sweden

1 January 2024

Tebede and Spolargruppen enter a new phase and change name to Wall to Wall Group