Part of Wall to Wall Group’s business concept

Wall to Wall Group offers market-leading solutions that actively support property owners in their efforts to transition to sustainable properties. Sustainability, it goes without saying, is part of Wall to Wall Group’s business concept, and when you become one of our partners, we do our utmost to ensure that you achieve your sustainability goals.

Wall to Wall Group is one of the first industry players to achieve ISO 26000 verification, which proves that Wall to Wall Group is working towards sustainable development.


Wall to Wall Group’s commercial operations and its sustainability work are closely linked. Wall to Wall Group strives to create economic and social value as it helps to tackle the societal needs and challenges facing the industry today. Thanks to innovation and product development, Wall to Wall Group can help to create long-term value for the global economy.

”We want to change how we manage our properties by repairing instead of replacing, prioritizing renewable energy solutions, and choosing smart technology that reduces energy and water consumption in properties. We want to make it clear to our customers and other stakeholders that we are serious when we say we want to help properties achieve the green transition, from wall to wall”