The share

Wall to Wall Group’s class A share was originally listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange on 24 June 2021. In connection with the merger with Spolargruppen, the listing was changed to the Nasdaq First North Growth Market on 29 April 2022. Since 23 October 2023, Wall to Wall Group’s class A share has once again been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


The Company’s class B share is not listed, but otherwise carries exactly the same rights as the class A share and can be converted to class A shares at any time.


As of 30 November 2023, Wall to Wall Group had 888 shareholders. The 10 largest shareholders as of the same date held 56.4 per cent of all the Company’s shares. If only the listed class A shares are considered, the 10 largest owners of these held 43.3 per cent.


The Company has three different series of warrants issued, two of which are admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


[The Company has engaged Carnegie Investment Bank as a liquidity provider, meaning that trading in the Company’s class B share is guaranteed by continuously placing trading units on each buy and sell side in the order book in accordance with Nasdaq Stockholm’s liquidity provision regulations.]