Geothermal energy

Geothermal heat + district heating = smart

Geothermal energy is one of the smartest forms of energy of the future – one hundred per cent renewable and extracted without combustion processes. Geothermal energy is a general term for the energy that mainly comes from the sun and is stored below the surface of the ground. The concept covers geothermal heat, whether derived from rock, the ground or the sea.


Through various systems, such as geothermal heat, borehole storage and aquifer storage, the energy is collected and used to create a controlled indoor climate, both for heating and for cooling. It is a long-term and sustainable solution that lowers your costs, while doing something good for the environment.

The most optimal solution for security and lasting savings is geothermal heat in combination with district heating. A flexible digital solution makes it possible to monitor and collect operational information from the system in real time.


Geothermal heat is often supplied through several linked boreholes. Fluid is fed into these boreholes through collector hoses, with the fluid transporting the heat from the bedrock. When you extract heat in the winter, you cool the holes, which recover their heat when you extract the cold energy in the summer. In this way, an energy balance is created, which is ideal for achieving both heating and cooling in an environmentally and economically correct way.

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