Nomination committee

In accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting in April 2021, the Company shall annually form a nomination committee of five members consisting of (A) a representative for each of the four largest shareholders by number of votes and (B) the Company’s Chair of the Board. The first nomination committee was convened before the 2022 Annual General Meeting, which, due to the Company’s amended financial year, will not take place until April 2023.


The nomination committee was appointed on 31 October 2022 and consists of the following members (with the largest shareholders in brackets):

Ulf Strömsten, Chair of the nomination committee (Servisen Investment Management AB)

Anders Böös (AGB Kronolund AB)

Hjalmar Ek (Lannebo Fonder)

Anna Strömberg (Carnegie Fonder)

Ingrid Bonde, Chair of the Board Wall to Wall Group AB


The main task of the nomination committees has been to evaluate and prepare proposals regarding the Board’s composition and remuneration, as well as a recommendation regarding, and remuneration for, the Company’s external auditor. To assist the nomination committee, the Chair of the Board has presented an evaluation of the Board and its work.