Structured process for risk management

Risk assessments are carried out regularly in Latour’s day – today operational activities. Every year, a coherent and structured analysis is performed of the risk exposure in the company. This analysis assesses each business area based on a few external and internal factors. External factors include business cycles, environmental impact, and political decisions.


Internal factors are financial risk and risks connected to IT structure and management, as well as customer, competition and supplier trends and developments, the company’s position as regards sustainability, and analysis of alternative technologies that may pose a risk in the future. The identification and assessment of climate-related risks is integrated into the overall risk management at Wall to Wall.

The environmental and climate perspective takes both acute and long-term risks into account, and includes environmental, political, regulatory, technological, market and reputational risks. The risk analysis is divided into financial, industrial, and geographical perspectives.


Each identified risk is managed by the respective company based on guidelines from Wall to Wall Group. Overall, it is the board’s opinion that from a business perspective the group has a well-balanced spread of risk, which is in accordance with the company’s overall and communicated direction.