Pipe flushing

A good investment

Regular pipe flushing is a good investment. It ensures that waste pipes are kept open to be able to transport all wastewater away and reduces the risk of the drain clogging, which could cause water damage. Pipe flushing is an important part of a property’s maintenance that removes grease and other deposits and therefore acts as a preventive measure against potential problems. Do not ignore gurgling sounds or poor drainage – drain flushing improves the flow through pipes.


Waste pipes are often old and brittle and can burst when cleaned carelessly. With chemical-free cold or hot water, grease and deposits on the pipe wall are flushed away. The method is gentle and eco-friendly. A pipe inspection is recommended in conjunction with pipe flushing. The inspection assesses the condition of the pipes and detects cracks and deposits, which can be remedied before they cause leaks or acute blockages in the drain.

Avoid expensive water damage

Deposits of, for instance, grease, sludge, rust, hygiene articles and limescale are the main causes of blockages in the sewer system. But foreign objects and renovation residues can also create major problems. Avoid expensive water damage through proper use of the drain and a good maintenance plan for the property.


Most drains should be cleaned by maintenance flushing once every five years. In some cases, maintenance may be required as often as once every three years, depending on the length, drop, age of pipes and the habits of residents. Less frequent flushing is required if the drain is properly maintained.


We offer an advantageous agreement for ongoing drain maintenance for real estate companies and tenant-owner associations. The agreement provides a good starting point for well-planned, economical property management, and highlighting the benefits of working with a well-established and recognised turnkey contractor in drainage. Service agreements are offered in various forms and involve continuous maintenance at a fixed price per month and apartment. All agreements include maintenance flushing and pipe inspection of selected waste pipes.