Relining waste pipes

Relining, also called pipe lining

A waste pipe has a service life of approximately 50 years. After that, it needs to be renovated or replaced to avoid water damage to the property. Relining is an economically and environmentally beneficial method of renovating the soil stack pipes. The method provides an ideal alternative to traditional pipe replacement and extends the service life of the pipes by another 50 years.


Relining takes anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the size of the property. The advantage is that the residents can remain in their homes without any greater impact than the water being shut off for short periods. In comparison, pipe replacement requires the removal of pipes, floors and walls in the property. Pipe replacement is expensive and time-consuming, and involves both asbestos and the decontamination of other hazardous waste. In addition, renovation of bathrooms, kitchens and other affected parts of the property is required.

A sustainable choice

For property owners who want to contribute to the green transition of the industry, relining is the wisest choice, where possible. A study from KTH has shown that a pipe replacement generates 6.5-8 times more CO2 equivalents compared to relining, with the material production during pipe replacement accounting for the largest part of the effect (Toft & Cronqvist, 2014).


Market-leading methods

Wall to Wall Group’s subsidiaries primarily use the SacPipe Connection System for relining. The method is quality certified in accordance with RISE CR 072 and can repair even severely damaged pipelines. Each project begins with a pipe inspection using a camera. After that, the pipe is cleaned before a plastic ‘sock’ is inserted into the sewer pipes. The sock is pressurised until it takes on the shape of the pipe. After hardening, connectors are put in place to link the stack pipe to the waste pipes from, for example, the bathroom and kitchen. The system creates a new, sealed pipe inside the old pipe, completely without joints.

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