Wall to Wall Group works to ensure a safe workplace

Wall to Wall Group is committed to a workplace where health and safety are beyond question so that employees feel safe and secure, so that they can thrive and feel well and happy at work. Working on issues that affect the wellbeing of Wall to Wall Group’s employees in a preventive, systematic way is a natural and conspicuous part of day-to-day activities at Wall to Wall Group.


Wall to Wall Group ensures that workplaces are safe thanks to clear safety and work environment procedures that are adapted to the relevant operation. Wall to Wall Group requires the use of personal protective equipment that is also adapted to the nature of operations. This includes work clothes, gloves, protective goggles, work shoes, breathing equipment and fall protection equipment. Employees receive regular training in how to work correctly with tools, materials and protective equipment so that they are prepared in the event of something unexpected happening.

Wall to Wall Group has a zero tolerance policy

Wall to Wall Group has zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, victimisation and other forms of unacceptable behaviour. For Wall to Wall Group, it is important that everyone feels respected and included – the workplace should be perceived as a place of respect, openness and community spirit. Procedures and processes guide employees and managers on how to act if something happens. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, Wall to Wall Group follows up on sickness absence and offers a wellness allowance.

Ethical guidelines

Wall to Wall Group emphasises honesty, integrity, fairness and a strong commitment to maintaining and promoting high ethical standards in all parts of the business. In addition to good corporate citizenship, the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate must be observed.

Due diligence in relation to ethical and sustainability standards in potential target companies is an integral part of Wall to Wall Group’s acquisition process. Thorough due diligence is always carried out to ensure that such standards match Wall to Wall Group’s expectations and requirements.


Group employees must also fully understand that they must not accept gifts, gratuities or other offers that may affect their decisions concerning potential business transactions.