Part of the same cycle

Wall to Wall Group’s commercial operations and its sustainability work are closely linked. Wall to Wall Group strives to create economic and social value as it helps to tackle the societal needs and challenges facing the industry today. Thanks to innovation and product development, Wall to Wall Group can help to create long-term value for the global economy.


The following five UN sustainable development goals have been selected to be part of Wall to Wall Group’s business strategy.

Goal 11. Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable urban development includes sustainable construction and planning of homes, infrastructure, public spaces, transport, recycling services, and safer chemicals management. Inclusive, innovative urban planning is required to make towns and cities safe and sustainable for the future.

Wall to Wall Group contributes to sustainable cities and communities by extending the lifetime of property drainage systems for our customers by relining pipes instead of replacing them, which tends to involve much more extensive intervention at the property.

Goal 4. Quality education

Continuous training is the key to a successful company. Training is also important to retain employees and contractors. At Wall to Wall Group continuous training is central to the business and vital in ensuring the development and growth of Wall to Wall Group companies and personnel. That is why we prioritize training for employees and customers – it’s the cornerstone of maintaining our position as the market leader in the Nordic region.

Training of staff, customers and suppliers also ensures a safe workplace without accidents and incidents and a good work environment. As Wall to Wall Group grows and new companies continue to join the group, Wall to Wall Group has had to find a systematic approach to ensuring the right level of training. That is why Wall to Wall Group has its own training Academy that quality assures everything that is relevant to our personnel.

In the role of market leader, Wall to Wall Group needs to remain at the forefront and act as a catalyst for the industry in which Wall to Wall Group operates.

Goal 6. Clean water and sanitation

Water is a finite resource and water management will become increasingly important, as global water scarcity is projected to increase. It will therefore become more important in the future to reduce water consumption by reusing the same water, recirculating water, re-purifying water, and reducing water waste/leaks. Protecting water-related ecosystems will also become very important. It is worth noting that Wall to Wall Group’s customers do not yet consider it important to focus on water consumption, nor do our competitors.

Wall to Wall Group’s task is to take responsibility for conserving water resources by making more efficient use of clean water for pipe flushing in properties. All our companies already use high-pressure hot water to minimize water consumption. Wall to Wall Group is taking the initiative on innovative projects to find alternative water sources to clean water for flushing pipes. Wall to Wall Group is also an important partner in counteracting drinking water leaks at customers’ properties by relining their pipes.

Goal 7. Affordable and clean energy

A significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans are the result of the way we extract, process and use fossil energy. With the electrification of society, energy consumption, especially electricity, is expected to increase. At the same time, demands for energy to be sustainable, renewable and reliable are also increasing.

Wall to Wall Group currently offers its customers services to increase their energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy through geothermal energy, duct sealing, and Smart hot water circulation. As Wall to Wall Group refines its existing offers, it is also constantly looking for new solutions that benefit Wall to Wall Group’s customers and their surroundings.

Wall to Wall Group’s geothermal energy solution Gerox points the way by demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can optimize the use of district heating and geothermal heat. Customers get lower energy costs and a solution that can heat and cool properties using sustainable solutions.

Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

It is important to work for lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, with decent working conditions for all.

As a market leader, we must continue to pursue innovation projects in order to find new opportunities and solutions. In order to be successful, Wall to Wall Group needs to support the global development goals and create economic growth for customers and for Wall to Wall Group as a company. Resources are allocated and used to create a culture in which Wall to Wall Group promotes an innovative work environment that allows the development of new innovations that can be commercialized and profitable in a structured, methodical way using established processes and procedures.

Developing good ideas is part of Wall to Wall Group’s DNA, and many of the contractors acquired are innovative and driven by entrepreneurship. It is vital for Wall to Wall Group to continue to prioritize an innovative environment in order to retain these important employees, as well as to attract new ones.