The Group Management

The Group management consists of the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Administrative and Financial Director and Financial and IR Director. The business area managers lead the operations in their respective business area and are responsible for the performance and management of their business area.


The Group’s business organization is built on decentralization of responsibilities and powers. The business areas are responsible for the respective operation’s sustainable, strategic and operational development and for meeting financial and non-financial targets, including return on operating capital, tied-up capital, operating margins, growth and emissions reduction.

Wall to Wall’s management team is responsible for driving and implementing Wall to Wall’s strategy. The Company’s CEO, together with the Group management, is responsible for ensuring that climate-related risks and opportunities are integrated into the overall risk and strategy identification and management, although each individual business area has its own responsibility as regards assessing where the business has the greatest opportunities and risks related to climate change and further managing these at individual company level. The guidelines and tools that Wall to Wall uses for risk assessment are also implemented in the companies to address risks and opportunities in a cohesive way.

Joachim Welin


Philip Maazon


Linus Marmstedt